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    Richard Huhn received art instruction from classes at the Toledo Museum of Art on Saturdays while in elementary school. He also benefited from the "Famous Artists" correspondence course for young artists as a teenager. He has built upon this foundation with prayer, observation, research, and experience.

    He has been using acrylics since 1967, and his favorite style has been realism since the mid-1970s. He painted a few portraits and landscapes during those years, but the biggest changes in his art took place in 1987, about twelve years after Jesus Christ came into his life in February 1975.

    By 1987, after taking a lot of photographs and attending a Zig Ziglar seminar, he felt led to prepare to become a full-time, vocational artist. Since that time, he has been painting on a regular basis. When he plans a painting, his primary concerns are impact and appeal to everyday people.

    In 1991, he entered his first regional art competition, the "Central South Art Exhibition " at the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee. He received a Grumbacher Gold Medal there.

    He has been painting and selling his artwork in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area for more than twelve years, but now he is happy to be able to offer his paintings and services from this site to the whole world.

    Rich Huhn believes that his future is in the hands of God, and he continues to paint in pursuit of artistic excellence.

Currently, Richard is painting and planning
several paintings from snapshots taken on
the islands of St. John's, St. Maarten's,
St. Lucia, Barbados, and Nassau, Bahamas.


Sailing in Nassau
11 x 14 Stretched Canvas
Not Available


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Richard Huhn
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Phone: 423-867-3995


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